USATEC: Production of Terrain Databases for Modeling and Simulation

LNK developed realistic and accurate SIMNET terrain databases to support joint and U.S. Army modeling, simulation, and training programs. Products included digital terrain databases in S1000, GT image generator runtime format, ModSAF, hard copy maps, video presentations, and documentation representing the synthetic environments. Supporting technologies included government and commercial off-the-shelf geographic information systems, remote sensing/image processing tools, and digital topographic data (DTD). These tools included ARC/INFO, DSPW, and S1000.

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NAWC-White Oak Detachment: Development of a Prototype Sensor Fusion System for the Achievement of a Comprehensive Terrain Understanding from Multiple Sources of Data
Description: The development of a prototype sensor fusion system to acheive a comprehensive terrain understanding from multiple sources of data including IR, EO, and SAR imagery, and GIS sources such as terrain databases. Although not a real-time system, the feasability of real-time was shown.

Date Completed: March, 1996


NAWC-TSD: Wavelets for Compression of Terrain Elevation Data
Description: It is desirable to pre-process, off-line, large terrain databases so that on-line they can be visualized in real-time. Wavelet-based techniques were developed and shown to be useful for generating compact, encoded, hierarchical re presentations of terrain eleveation data. Wavelet-based techniques are useful because: (1) their complexity is linear in the size of the data, (2) the resulting encoded representation is compact in storage, and (3) efficiently reconsructing a user-defined area of interest on-line is possible. This was a Phase I SBIR now in review for Phase II funding.

Date Completed: May, 1997


USATEC: Rapid Terrain Database Generation
Description: This effort focuses on the enhancement of CSI's EasyTerrain modeling tool to include autopopulation of 3D Terrain Databases based on imagery and feature information and the use of prgressive mesh TIN generation algorithms to support the rapid generation of lutireolution terrain databases with integrated geomorphic features.

Date Completed: Phase I: May, 1997. Selected for Phase II funding in FY 1998


USATEC: Scene Generation Quality Assessment
Description: Phase I SBIR study of 3D scene generation quality assurance issues and software tools. This effort focuses on Mission Planning and Rehearsal systems that exploit a 3D Battlefield Visualization database produced from multiple image and digital topographic data sources, and seeks to explore means of portraying the accuracy and uncertainty of 3D data representation to the user

Date Completed: Ongoing (Phase I)


NASA: Development of a Real-time Image Data Management System

Description: The development of a real-time image data management system for achieving and retrieving imagry based on their content or meta-data. The meta-data for most satellite imagery includes various feature classes such as cloud cover, land use, etc. We have used the CNAPs one-d array processor to extract this meta-data in real-time for browsing the imagery. An image compression algorithm has been developed as part of this effort.

Date Completed: June, 1996


NASA: Development of parallel Wavelet Based Classification Techniques
Description: The development of parallel wavelet based classification techniques for comparison across different parallel platforms. A vector quantization technique is being developed to achieve a better image compression ration.

Date Completed: April, 1997